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The problem of plastic waste

The problem of plastic waste

Plastic is a very cheap, versatile, and durable material. Resistant to chemicals, decay, and moisture, it has found numerous uses and has substituted various materials in present products. Nearly 100 million metric tons of plastic are manufactured every year and over 1/3 of these are utilized for packaging and wrapping.

Plastic waste increases in various ways and it has a negative effect on lands as well as oceans. It was first made in the 1940's, its use by humans and companies has improved enormously simply because it is strong, moldable, and moisture. In 2011, plastics created over 12 percent of municipal waste, says the United States Environmental Protection Agency. In the 1960's plastics created below 1 percent of municipal solid waste.

Plastic is non-biodegradable and poses a severe threat to waste management. It ought not to be allowed to get into landfills. Burning plastic materials will bring even more harmful effects to the surroundings.

Plastic recycling needs to be a necessity for any company because it will contribute to the community and would inspire other companies to do the same. This is a major problem almost everywhere, and it should be solved as early as possible.

At Appy Kids Co, we have realised that Plastic waste is an increasing concern among communities and we have made recycling a way of life because we know how much it will help the environment as well as the community.

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