Frequently asked questions

Do you sell online?

We will be opening an online store soon. You can find out when we are launching by subscribing to our newsletter found at the bottom of our site page.

Is it ok to give my kids snacks?

Snacks are great for children as it gives them the energy, nutrients, and hydration that they need. It is important to control portion sizes and timing of snacks so that they do not interfere with children’s appetite. Give snacks that are as healthy as possible, contain benefits like vitamins, fibre, and protein and never empty kcalories, like a drink with just sugars.

Why are dairy drinks good for my kids?

Dairy drink products are an important part of children’s diets. They are a good source of protein and calcium as well as containing a wide range of vitamins, for example, Vitamin B12. Dairy drink products are important for building strong bones and teeth for children.

Why is it better to lower sugar for kids?

When it sits on children’s teeth, sugar becomes one of the main causes of tooth decay. This also means that sugar is a cause for gum disease, which can sadly lead to heart disease. Reducing the amount of foods and drinks that contain free sugars can prevent these issues.

What is Stevia and why it is good?

Stevia is a natural calorie-free alternative to sugar and artificial sweeteners and keeps the delicious sweetness in food and drink products. Stevia can also reduce tooth decay and lower the chances of other sugar-related problems such as gum disease.

Why are lower calories good for kids?

Lowering the sugar in drinks and controlling the serving options in foods is a good way for parents to lower calories for their kids. The rest of the calories needed should come from foods with nutrients as part of a balanced diet.

Are our drinks suitable for preschool kids?

Our tasty drinks are perfect for pre-schoolers as you can be sure that they are (have) a healthier treat. There are no artificial colours or preservatives and we never add sugars or artificial flavours.

Is it ok to give my kids cereal?

Cereals are a great source of fibre, which contains carbohydrates that gives the energy children need to last the day. Just like our Appy Kids Co cereal range, some cereals can be a great source for the vitamins, if enhanced with vitamins, which we know are important for children’s diet.

What is the essential vitamin my child needs?

Vitamins can perform many important things for your body. The essential vitamins children need include, Vitamin C for normal formation of bones, Vitamin B for boosting the immune system and Vitamin B2 to help maintain normal vision. Our cereal range includes these vitamins and our dairy products naturally contain Vitamin B12 to help keep the bodies nerves and cells healthy.

Why is it important to have food certifications?

Food standards are created as a guideline for companies to follow to make sure they meet the safety, quality, and integrity of food products and services and covers the entire food production process. Food certifications are important in showing that your food products have been manufactured in a way that meets the health and well-being of consumers and do not compromise on the safety of the food. Although this is optional, we go one step further to make sure we have better quality standards for all our customers.

How do I make a complaint?

If you have experienced a problem with one of our products, please email us at and we will contact you to solve this issue.