We only work with food suppliers that ensure the wellbeing of workers, and high standards of training required are met.



Annual factory visits in conjunction with approved bodies SGS and BRC.



we use only ethically sourced ingredients.



we only work with farmers with fair contracts.


We are a sustainable and affordable brand, loved by kids #Honestlygood



we reduce our carbon footprint by using zero waste production partners.



our paperboard is sourced from responsibly managed forests.

Whatever Kidz is passionate about providing private label service expertise, to partners who share our vision. We are so good at what we do that we have won multiple awards including ones chosen by parents and industry experts.

New ideas in tackling today's problems is at the forefront of our private label service as we work closely with every aspect of our production chain, meeting quality standards, ethical ingredients sourcing and earth friendly packaging. We achieve this through our exclusive collaborations with industry leaders and our rich network of manufacturers to supply the best in food and drink.

Our brand can already claim through its years of research and development to have made the world first in:

  • Kids juice drink using stevia to reduce sugar by 50%
  • Zero sugar ice pop using stevia
  • Augmented reality tetra pack packaging

We also have capabilities to make organic ranges of our products working with farmers directly in an effort to make a more sustainable approach in the way we feed your kids naturally.

We are excited to utilise our expertise and benefit other companies by creating bespoke products to for your specific market needs and help fuel your business with planned product and brand development actions.