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How licensed characters can have a positive impact on children’s food consumption

Back in 2016, the magazine PR Week published an article condemning the use of licensed characters on junk food in a feature titled ‘Health campaigners have called on the government to take action on junk foods featuring licensed characters from popular family films’.

Appy Kids Co agrees with this statement. We are committed to developing healthier and affordable food and drink products for children than what is readily available on the market.

According to Public Health England, childhood obesity and type II diabetes are on the rise, and 1 in 4 five-year-old kids are affected by tooth decay. So, it is more important than ever for food and drinks manufacturers to support the government’s battle on sugar and calories by launching healthier goods at affordable prices.

Appy Kids Co’s is offering an innovative Zero Sugar range of juices that is set to hit retailers’ shelves. The range, that boasts the much-loved Dora the Explorer, Paw Patrol and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, contains no sugar at all. The low-calorie drinks are sweetened with stevia to protect children teeth and they have no artificial colours or flavours.

According to a report by the US journal Obesity Review, the use of licensed characters has the potential to favourably impact behaviour, and findings have shown that "cartoon media character branding can positively increase children's fruit or vegetable intake compared with no character branding."

Appy Kids Co’s approach has always been to push families to understand the importance of healthy living from a young age so that they can bring good habits into adulthood. By having little ones’ favourite characters on their portfolio of juices, milks, and snacks, the British brand is encouraging kids to choose healthier options and helping to reduce serious sugar-related health issues as a result.

Although licensing has been exploited in a negative manner for many years, the food and drink industry is beginning to make changes. We believe the sector is finally heading in the right direction to bring to market products that offer shelf appeal and value for money, without compromising on health benefits.


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