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3 natural ways to boost your kids' energy levels

3 natural ways to boost your kids' energy levels

Our little ones are always very active and they never seem tired. A study found out that children are metabolically comparable to well-trained adult athletes. They not only have fatigue-resistant muscles, but they also recover faster from high-intensity exercise than both trained and untrained adults.

Generally, after the age of 6, their endurance and focus start to fade and we can support our little ones with 5 natural ways.

Healthy & Nutritious Diet

It might sound obvious, but it is actually very important to have a balanced diet which includes:
- a good breakfast that makes them go until lunchtime;
- a variety of vegetables, fruits mixed with proteins and carbs;
- plenty of water and liquids to always be hydrated;
- avoiding added sugar. Half of children's sugar intake will come from the unhealthy drinks and snacks they have. This will include fizzy drinks, sweets and chocolate, and much more.


Not only kids, but also adults, should sleep well and long enough (approximately 8 hours). Sleeping simply means recharging the body and the mind.
A good sleep will improve concentration and productivity. So, this is vital for studying.
Needless to say that also the mood is better when we get quality sleep!


It doesn't matter what your little ones like to do: jumping, running, climbing (safely!) Or just chasing a ball or bike riding. Wait a moment. How is it possible that if they exercise more, they have more energy? Aren't they supposed to be tired? Exercise delivers oxygen and nutrients to the tissues, helping the cardiovascular system to be more efficient and boosting energy.

So, here are out 3 tips to increase your children's energy levels. Do you have more suggestions? Send them to hi@appykidsco.com and we will share with our community of parents!

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